Welcome to “Spirit Journaling” Writing with the Divine

Wouldn’t life be grand if we could just pick up a pen and start a conversation with our spirit guides or angels? What would you say?  Better yet, what do you think their response would be?  I would like to welcome you to “Spirit Journaling” a new way to start the conversation with your divine.  A tangible way of communicating with your spirit guides and angels by the means of putting a pen to paper and allowing their guidance to flow through you like a well written novel that you will take pride in co-writing with them.   

As a modern day Oracle, I have met many people, during my sessions, that have fallen off their soul’s path and have become disconnected from their source of divine. Sometimes the experience of human “being” can literally paralyze our decision making ability and leave us stuck in an abyss of emotions. Not only can we not see the road ahead but we are unable to express and articulate what we are experiencing and feeling.  This can cause us to be trapped in the illusion of our own fears.  Causing us to never take the opportunity to process the information, that leads to the healing.  

Communication, to me, is the biggest gift we are given in our life time but like most things we struggle to use it properly.  The fear that we may say something incorrectly has haunted us all.  Writing is a form of communication and a portal to help you express yourself, in your time and in your way.  Journaling can be that beacon of light that allows you to find your road back to yourself confidence.  It just gets better when you learn to invite spirit in to write with you. This is when the real magic happens. 

So what exactly is spirit?  Spirit, to me, also means intuition, that deep inner knowing that the unseen knowledge, I receive, will be the driving force in my decision making process.  It is my inner compass and gut feeling.  It is the voice that radiates from a space of love and from the heart centre.  It speaks the truth and is kind and encouraging, the language of the soul. We all encompass spirit (intuition) but like anything it too needs to be nurtured and exercised in order to reap the benefits from it.  

We have two internal voices called spirit and ego that we can choose from at any given moment of the day.  Let’s imagine the fictional angel (spirit) and devil (ego) that sit on our shoulders.  We all knew that the angel was the voice of reason and the voice of temptation was the devil.  Spirit spoke softly with encouragement and the ego spoke abrasively with self serving ways. These voices are two totally different animals.  Let’s just say the angel is spirit, driven by love, guidance and what is best for your higher self.  Whereas the devil is your ego, driven by self, greed and worth for gratification in your material world.  

Here is a little secret.  For me, the voice of spirit usually speaks to me on the right side of my head almost directly behind my ear lobe.  This is the location of creativity, imagination and free will of expression.  The place where I am free to be creative about expressing who I am.  It is soft spoken, loving and has an encouraging voice that brings me comfort.  Where as the ego likes to reside mainly on my left side of my head.  A place where logic, scientific and analytical states of mind have got to be proven before they exist.  This voice is very loud, controlling, aggressive and limiting.  A place of worry, self doubt, stress and striving.  A space that is very easy to get lost in if you can not determine the two dialogues.  

I promise to help you learn techniques to tame that roaring lion that we all have living in us so that we allow the voice of the lamb to emerge.  You will learn ways to have both of these beast live in harmony within you.  You will understand the difference between spirit and ego by journaling the two voices on paper.   Then with intention and practice, you will see huge shift and how you choose to listen to your internal dialogue.  This will be life changing and will help you live your life in a healthier state of being with the divine.

We all need someone to talk too and these articles were designed with you in mind.  There are no expectations from you except commitment. Commit to healing, creating, expressing, understanding and spiritually growing through writing because this will allow the energy of the situation to leave your body.  The process honours your vulnerability to not be judged, perfect or even politically correct.  This is your open dialogue with yourself and your spirit guides and angels.  Be as creative and emotional as you want because remember it is just you and spirit that sees it.  

Are your ready to start?  

Here are a few tools (or suggestions) you will need before proceeding to the first lesson. 

1. A new journal, one that speaks to you – choose colour, pictures, words, nice line spaces.  Or your computer write with whatever makes your heart pitter patter.

2. A great writing pen, colour pencils, pencil and eraser 

3. A great deck of oracle, angel or tarot cards.  I have several decks of cards I use to inspire me to write.  You can do your research on a deck that might speak out to you.  It really is all personal preference.  You can shop online or visit your nearest metaphysical store.  The shopping for cards is so much fun, go enjoy the process.  

4. A device (cell phone or laptop) that will play an easy 10 minute guided meditation for you.  I will do my best to share links in these articles.  Most of my meditations are found on YouTube and Spotify.

5.  One of the following – a sage stick, loose sage leaves, sage essential oil or white sage incense.  Most often when I work with Spirit I will burn sage to clear the energies in the air.   Make sure that if you are going to burn sage to have a fireproof dish or shell to burn it in.  

6. Candle – pick your favourite scent or colour and set the mood for your date with spirit.

7.  A quiet space you can claim to yourself for 20 to 30 minutes. 

8.  Your favourite beverage of choice.  Be careful if you choose to drink spirits as it can alter your channel with the true spirits.

9. And last but not least intention, an attitude to learn and make mistakes, positivity and a brilliant attitude.  

When you are ready, proceed to Sacred Silence – Spirit Journaling

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