Let Spirit Guide You

There are times in life that we can feel stagnated and directionless.  We are a society that seeks instant gratification and change when something doesn’t go our way.  It is as if we do not want to create our own happiness and success and it is much easier to point a finger and blame external events instead of being accountable.

Throughout my life, I knew there was an invisible thread that connected all my thoughts and actions to the final outcomes that transpired in my physical world.  If I kept doing what I was doing then I would keep getting what I was getting.  That is when I realized that to get from point “A” (not trusting) to point “B” (trusting) was to take my hands off the stirring wheel of life and let spirit guide me.  I learned how to surrender and let go of control that allowed the spirit to work their magic.  Spirit always knows what is best to help you realign during difficult times, this is called a transition.

Transition is upon you when things start to go wrong in your current energetic field.  This could be a divorce, illness, job loss, death or anything you find challenging.  My sage words of wisdom is, DO NOT resist it.  These challenges are the entry point to the new energy and the exit to the old. 

Spirit is constantly sending you signals to change your direction, loosen up the grip and move forward but your ego likes to get in the way.  Ego loves control and will create chaos, self doubt and limited belief systems.  These are part of the egos way of helping rear the ugly head of fear.  Transition is important to your souls purpose, so at this time it is very crucial to find the space to honour its growth.  

So, what does resisting transition look like? 

  • Self doubt and second guessing everything 
  • Not being able to make a decision
  • Dwelling and fixating on a topic in a negative manner 
  • Not letting a situation go
  • Feeling uninspired, lethargic and lacking drive 
  • Masking the situation with drugs and alcohol

These are just a few of the things that may trigger you to realize you are in a transitional phase.  Do not resist the change.  Learn to accept it with grace and move with the flow.  Our spiritual evolution is all about the lessons and the growth we experience from them.  It takes strength to take your hands off the wheel and let spirit guide you but trust me, spirit always knows what is best for you.  Get out of your own way and start the transition towards the new.  You will be happy that you did.

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