Divine Timing – Nothing Else!

Divine: Of, from, or like God or a god. God like. 

Divine basically means relating to, coming from, or like God or a god. 

transitive verb. 1 : to discover by intuition or insight : infer divine the truth. 

Knowing and feeling the divine usually starts when we are at a crossroads in our life (not always for some but for most it is the starting point).  When we start to search for answers we are seeking the truth.  Seeking?  Yes, one who “seeks” is searching or questing to find something that is true.

What are you seeking?  What quest brought you to this course of “Spirit Journaling”?  Maybe spiritual guidance, mystical knowledge or life direction.  Maybe it was the divine that brought you here.  That little voice inside your head that said “this is for you, try it.”  If it was that little voice then congratulations! You have made the right choice as the divine knows that this will provide it for you.  If you are still struggling to find the divine, then welcome and keep reading.

Let’s first talk about “seeking”.  When we are “seeking”, we feel like we have lost something or don’t have enough of one thing.  This sense of not being fulfilled can create disruption in our lives via emotional, physical and spiritual.  

The noun part of “seeking” is usually the first step in the process of trying to find answers.  We all have the need to know how to get answers on how to get things back to the way “they once were”.  The old cliche “You don’t know what you have until it is gone.” is a sad reality but a true one and we have all experienced this.

In our lifetimes we all experience a loss of some-sort, a divorce, a job loss, a relationship break up, ill health or even death (to name a few).  Our world has to be turned upside down and our energy field disrupted before we realize things are not working in our current situation.  

When we experience a shift in our energetic field – divorce, accident, ill health, death – It is during these trying times that we start seeking. 

Desperate times can feel like we are blowing up like a cosmo in the galaxy and the fragments of “what was” now becomes “what is” and it leaves a clustered mess to be cleaned up.  We begin the clean up by desperately grabbing all the fragments, of that blown up cosmo, and we try to put them back together again.  The clean up can be messy, long and very tiring but maybe that clean up should be left untouched. 

Maybe the fragments were blown apart so your current situation can create a new cosmo, one that works and is in alignment with who you are meant to be.  Maybe that cosmo blew up in divine timing because it no longer is of value in your life, and it is time to make a shift.  This is usually the best time to welcome in the divine.  During these shifts because we are searching for answers on how to realign, to get back on track with what feels right to us. The quest for the right answers are being shown to you as your truth. The truth may hurt but the truth will always take you in the right direction.  

When we experience any type of unfamiliar shift in our current energy field we loose our sense of self and our inner light gets distinguished.  We then become more open to receive guidance, direction and wisdom from, any source to stop the confusion of the situation. As we go searching, remember the divine is always there to offer this light to you.  It is your souls compass and they want to let you know you are not loss.  This is the optimal time to open your heart and welcome your new inner light and guidance in, the divine.  

What is the divine?  At the beginning of this blog I wrote the wikipedia meanings of what the divine meant.  For me, it is the the unseen knowing that resides in my soul.  A driving force of nature that is built on trust and knowing.  It is something we are all a part of, a web of life and events that is accessible at any given moment, if we so choose.  It is that sacred spot that we must treat with reverence because the infinite is infinite.  It is the unwritten rule book that allows each one us the freewill to make a choice, with out judgement.  It is god – source – infinite like. It is my confidence, my knowing and my trust, it is all knowing and giving.

Whatever you choose to call it – Divine, Universe, God, Source, Buddha, Koran – they really all mean the same thing.  They are all knowing and infinite. For the sake of this article we will refer to it as the divine.  

How does one talk to the divine? You just start with any dialogue “Hello divine, It is me.  I would really like your guidance today!” Just start.

The divine will create a personal dialogue with you in many different ways.  It will speak in signs, symbols, lyrics of music, dreams, divination tools such as Tarot or Oracle cards, pendulums, and journaling.  It really is up to you and how you wish to communicate with it.

Remember that Divination is: (uncountable) The act of divining; a foreseeing or foretelling of future events.

  1. The apparent art of discovering secrets or the future by preternatural means.
  2. (countable) An indication of what is to come in the future or what is secret; a prediction.

The dialogue you decide to have with the divine will be customized for you. As there are all different languages for the divine.  For most it is about acknowledging your gifts.  Which I like to call downloads or the 6 Claires: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairalience, Clairgustance, Claircognizance. 

Talking to the divine includes: Angels, Spirit Guides, loved ones who have passed over – they help us get answers to questions to what we really are seeking. We are all searching for things that will give us happiness. The divine helps create a map along your journey. They help you find the answer that you are seeking and bring the blessings from the the one you loved who have passed over. 

We all have the potential to create a direct connection with the divine at anytime. The divine is an incredible energy of love, as it comes from a love based source of guidance and wisdom based on our higher self. 

The biggest challenge most people have is trust.  Trust can be based on fear and fear can keep us from experiencing the best things in life.   That’s right I said we all have a gift, it is not just for a selected few.  

I grew up in Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada with an aboriginal father who was in the Navy and my mother who worked in a convent with the nuns.  My father grew up on the reserve with a strong Catholic background and my mother came from a mixed background of Protestant and Catholic.  Every Sunday, I had to go to Catholic Sunday school and church.  My ancestral story is that of the father, the son and the holy ghost.  

Do I follow this belief system today?  No, because I see such a bigger picture than one religion.

Our belief systems have been passed down and have created our patterns for believing. I believe that we all came from the same source of creation, and we are all equals. We all came from the same place and we will all return to this place. We are interconnected as a collective group with this source. We all have a soul and a spirit, we all have the capacity to connect with this and will return to this.

In easier terms, something divine is said to be something given by god.  You will receive information through the universe and the divine consciousness, if you choose to believe.  Remember I said ‘choose”.

Spending time with the divine is like spending time with your best friend. When you are open to receive from them, they will nourish your relationship with trust and guidance so it will be strong and healthy.  This helps build up your confidence and optimism to build a healthy, positive life. 

Talking to the divine should be done daily and this is why I created “Spirit Journaling”.  I believe that writing is a great way to process information and connect to spirit via writing.

Divination takes many forms, and while some of the craft will use several different techniques, most everyone has their own favourite method for seeking answers from the divine.  Please be patient.

Some of the favourite divination methods include the use of tarot cards, pendulums or runes. Crystal and/or crystal ball gazing, reading tea leaves, gazing into a pool or bowl of water or candle gazing are also popular. The list goes on and on.

Any of these items can help you strengthen your intuition. Simply choose the one you are most comfortable using and practice, practice, practice. It may seem hard in the beginning, but don’t give up. The more you use these tools, the easier it gets.Think of your divination tools as exercise equipment for your intuition. 

Almost anything can be used as a divination tool, and over the centuries just about everything has been. You are simply using these items to strengthen your spirit or intuition. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Start with tools you are comfortable with and try more complicated methods as you develop your abilities. ENERGY is a big part of this connection.  Just start today by saying “Hello spirit, I welcome you into my life.” and accept this starting point as divine timing!

Angel Jury 

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