Human “Being”

Today I get to write outside with Mother Nature and enjoy the blessed sounds that she provides at any given moment.  As I sit here, I can hear the bustling of the river hitting the riverbed as it flows back to the lake.  The sound of the breeze is hitting the trees, as they all sway like wind chimes to their own vibe, and the crows are communicating off in the distance about the days mischief they might get into.

Mother Nature is all providing, nurturing and the best portal to taming a busy hectic life.  All too often we spend our valuable time with our heads buried in our electronic devices, fulfilling a busy calendar and doing things that bring us more stress than happiness.  We tend to forget that living is suppose to be fulfilling and not stressful.  As a human being, we are more “being” than human.

My husband had his father and younger sister pass away within 6 weeks of one another 4 years ago.  Not only was it devastating to him and his family but it was also a pivotal point for him to assess the things in his life that were important.  The smaller things in life that are free like love, happiness and enjoying the beauty of what his life had to offer.  It took the passing of his loved ones to bring him to his pivotal point of seeing the world through a different lens.  A lens that the world is not only material and physical but also spiritual.  That life is to be enjoyed and not scheduled.

Responsibilities keep us busy and the responsibilities in your own life were chosen by you. Your choices got you the car, the house, the children, the job and those busy schedules.  Life is a constant flux of change and nothing stays the same.  It is always changing, even when something or someone dies.  

The energy you are putting out there will be the energy you will get back. If you keep saying “I have no time because Im so busy” the universal law hears “They are so busy, let me give them more stuff to keep busy”.   The law of the universe will always provide what you’re thinking and in this case just “more stuff”.

Stop! Take a minute to look at what you are chasing after and ask yourself if it is worth your energy of “being” too busy?  Is it worth the loss of a loved one before you realize that all the money in the world will never bring them back.  The chase is making you miss the important things in life, like the chance to exercise, a chance to go out with a friend, snuggle with your best friend or contact a loved one.  Chasing after the illusion of getting things done and fulfilling your daily obligations will have you feeling like there is no purpose to your life.  This can be draining and sometimes make one a bit resentful.  Stop “being” and start living. 

For the past 2 weeks we have been away from our home base.  We visited our loving family, our wonderful friends, enjoyed a new puppy, went to a concert, a few motorbike rides, laughed, ate great food and enjoyed all of the pleasures that this right of passage we call life, could give.   What a great time and experience we are having and we are finally feeling more “human” than  “being”.  We only get this one chance to live the life we have been given and so many chances to explore the beauty that was granted to us by the divine.  

Today, find the beauty in Mother Nature and be grateful knowing that you belong to this amazing web of life that is all life giving.  If a friend ask you to go out for lunch, then go!  If your child wants to play a game, then play.  Today, put the schedule of “being” aside and enjoy the little things in life that make you happy.  Life is in front of you, choose to stop and look at it through a different lens and enjoy the things that make you human.  Choose to find the beauty in the things you love.  Choose to be more human than “being”.

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