Magnetic Love

Magnetic Love

Love is such a mystery and it can stir up so many emotions. How can something that is invisible be responsible for so many experiences in ones life? It can make us feel a range of things from being complete to empty, soft to jagged, and desperate to joyous. 

What I find most fascinating is the heart is the first organ that is created in the body.  It is also your biggest energetic field that can project a vibration up to 6 feet away.  This may explain why you find some people (and things) attractive and others are not.  You are magnetic and you are attracting at all times. 

Your emotions have the most magnetic pull and the heart acts as a conductor to these frequencies.  What you think about will determine what you are attracting in your life.  Take a look around.  Are you happy with your love life and your relationships?  If you answer “Yes”, congratulations as you understand there must be a balance in order to attract good and healthy things to sustain your growth.

If you answered “No” then you must ask your heart (and not your ego) the following:  

What are my thoughts regarding love?   

How much value do I place on love?  

Am I capable of loving myself or another?

Will I let my past relationships determine my future relationships?

It is a beautiful thing when it’s time to get real and re-adjust your perception.  Let’s get authentic with the first emotion you ever experienced in your lifetime, that’s love.  That’s right, love is the first emotion you ever felt.  For most, our parent/s were the first people we ever loved and may be the first to have ever broken our heart as well.

We tend to follow the patterns of our parents, and their parents, because this was what they were taught growing up.  As parents, our children will mimic how we displayed our capacity of giving and receiving love.  The golden rule is to remember the balance has to be “to give and to receive”.  You must know how to receive love as well as to give it.  All successful relationships are based on this universal law of energy that is a 50/50 balance. One can not give more than the other, or the balance of energy will not survive. 

Find some time to have a conversation with your soul, as the heart speaks to us in silence and it knows what it wants and is psychic.  If you appreciate, nurture and maintain love it will mimic you.  Love does not come with rules and conditions.  If it does,  then this love is not real.  It is coming from the logic mind and ego space.  Unconditional love comes from the space of the soul and offers a feeling of “knowing”.  It makes sense and honours who you are meant to be.  It allows you to shine and supports your growth.  It is infinite and holds many lifetimes and stories.  It is meant to be shared as a soulful connection regardless of who or what you share it with. 

The choices you make, however big or little, should be made from the vibration of love and support.   As you learn to bask in this energy, you reconnect with it!             

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