The Seed

Who exactly is Mother Nature?  We all have different ways to answer this question because we all see and experience her differently.  There is one thing we all can not deny though, and that is she is all life giving.  No life would be sustainable without her charitable grace.  

With Earth Day upon us, it is important to understand that her gifts need to be protected and appreciated.  Especially all the 4 elements (water, fire, air and earth) as they control the 4 seasons. These precious gifts should never be taken for granted and as we move through the continuum of space and time, they are becoming more sacred.

Back before we were a patriarch society, our ancestors honoured the importance of the female role in their communities.  They knew that “she” was all “life giving” and the seed of life was hers to protect and safely birth into life, as a child.  The mother would nurse the child from her own body and as they matured she provided a nurturing environment.  The children then moved on and repeated the process by having families of their own that would continue to carry on the families legacy, via their last name.  

Our ancestors also made the most important connection in history.  They knew the land they lived on was a “she” and all “life giving” as well.  That if they planted a seed in the soil, this life giving force would provide for their family and generations to come.  That connection became known as agriculture and that mother became the nurturer know as Mother Nature.  

One single seed can carry an entire legacy.  Like the seed of life that bears children, the seed of any given plant, fruit or flower will bare this life as well.  The life force that exist in us also exist in a single grapefruit seed.  That seed when planted, will produce its own legacy aiding the help of Mother Nature.  These similarities to our very own existence are not a coincidence, this is the secret to all life.  

As we leave the winter months behind and embrace the renewal of spring, reflect on the importance of this infinite wisdom.  This Earth Day, plant one seed and watch as the 4 elements embrace the life it is about to create.  The earth will protect the seedling, the water will help it grow, the fire of the sun will give it the energy and the air will help it pollinate and expand its legacy for years to come.  The seeds of all life is the gift to our human race and our mere existence.

Plant just one seed and help it create an entire universe of its own.  Help her, help you.  She needs us more than ever right now.

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