All of my life I have been aware of something special, let’s say a gift that others did not have. This gift allows me to be a modern day oracle, to which I pride myself on being.  I am able to receive messages and guidance from the divine and am fortunate to have the people and opportunities in my life that allow me to nurture this gift and share it with those who seek the guidance.

My background is in business but my burning desire to learn more about energy healing through reiki, chakras, auras and mediumship lead me to this, my souls purpose.  My intentions have always been focused on the healing of our energy fields and how to get past any blockages we may have created.

As a modern day oracle, I work on all three levels of a persons being: emotional, spiritual and physical. I have been gifted with the ability to communicate and sense a person’s energy, even from thousands of miles away.  I help people reconnect with the cycles of their current energetic fields. Together, we bring the divine guidance forward to help balance this energy in order to help one move forward on their souls journey again.  One of my favourite ways of doing this alignment is with an energy card reading.  Trust me, this is where the magic comes together!  

As an oracle, I can hear, see and feel spirit during my readings.  I understand how important it is to connect with loved ones, who have passed over.  As they present themselves, I will let the person know but spirit has their own agenda and I do not question what they have in store for you.   Regardless, who shows up, the information is all coming from a place of love and the wisdom and guidance is to help you realign with that souls purpose.  That is the main goal of my sessions.

I am also the creator of a course called “Spirit Journaling”.  Where one is taught to communicate their feelings and emotions through writing in a journal with the guidance of spirit.  This course is designed for those who want to understand their intuition and evolve spiritually.  We all need that someone to talk too and not everyone knows how to articulate their thoughts, express their creativity or manifest their dreams.   This is the course that will teach you how to do that but there is is a twist.  You learn to connect with your own guides, angels and loved ones.

Through journaling you allow the energy of situations to leave your body, as writing is a form of communication. This process then honours your vulnerability to not be judged, not be perfect or even politically correct because these written words are your feelings and verbal expressions.  You can be as creative and emotional as you want because it is just you and spirit that sees this creative work.   

Isn’t that beautiful? Spirit only wants to encourage what is best for your “higher self”.  If this sound interesting to you and you are ready to take this journey, click the link to find out more –   Spirit Journaling Courses

Thank you for reading my bio, I hope to meet you one day!

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