Magnetic Love

Magnetic Love

Love is such a mystery and it can stir up so many emotions. How can something that is invisible be responsible for so many experiences in ones life? It can make us feel a range of things from being complete to empty, soft to jagged, and desperate to joyous. 

What I find most fascinating is the heart is the first organ that is created in the body.  It is also your biggest energetic field that can project a vibration up to 6 feet away.  This may explain why you find some people (and things) attractive and others are not.  You are magnetic and you are attracting at all times. 

Your emotions have the most magnetic pull and the heart acts as a conductor to these frequencies.  What you think about will determine what you are attracting in your life.  Take a look around.  Are you happy with your love life and your relationships?  If you answer “Yes”, congratulations as you understand there must be a balance in order to attract good and healthy things to sustain your growth.

If you answered “No” then you must ask your heart (and not your ego) the following:  

What are my thoughts regarding love?   

How much value do I place on love?  

Am I capable of loving myself or another?

Will I let my past relationships determine my future relationships?

It is a beautiful thing when it’s time to get real and re-adjust your perception.  Let’s get authentic with the first emotion you ever experienced in your lifetime, that’s love.  That’s right, love is the first emotion you ever felt.  For most, our parent/s were the first people we ever loved and may be the first to have ever broken our heart as well.

We tend to follow the patterns of our parents, and their parents, because this was what they were taught growing up.  As parents, our children will mimic how we displayed our capacity of giving and receiving love.  The golden rule is to remember the balance has to be “to give and to receive”.  You must know how to receive love as well as to give it.  All successful relationships are based on this universal law of energy that is a 50/50 balance. One can not give more than the other, or the balance of energy will not survive. 

Find some time to have a conversation with your soul, as the heart speaks to us in silence and it knows what it wants and is psychic.  If you appreciate, nurture and maintain love it will mimic you.  Love does not come with rules and conditions.  If it does,  then this love is not real.  It is coming from the logic mind and ego space.  Unconditional love comes from the space of the soul and offers a feeling of “knowing”.  It makes sense and honours who you are meant to be.  It allows you to shine and supports your growth.  It is infinite and holds many lifetimes and stories.  It is meant to be shared as a soulful connection regardless of who or what you share it with. 

The choices you make, however big or little, should be made from the vibration of love and support.   As you learn to bask in this energy, you reconnect with it!             

Let Spirit Guide You

There are times in life that we can feel stagnated and directionless.  We are a society that seeks instant gratification and change when something doesn’t go our way.  It is as if we do not want to create our own happiness and success and it is much easier to point a finger and blame external events instead of being accountable.

Throughout my life, I knew there was an invisible thread that connected all my thoughts and actions to the final outcomes that transpired in my physical world.  If I kept doing what I was doing then I would keep getting what I was getting.  That is when I realized that to get from point “A” (not trusting) to point “B” (trusting) was to take my hands off the stirring wheel of life and let spirit guide me.  I learned how to surrender and let go of control that allowed the spirit to work their magic.  Spirit always knows what is best to help you realign during difficult times, this is called a transition.

Transition is upon you when things start to go wrong in your current energetic field.  This could be a divorce, illness, job loss, death or anything you find challenging.  My sage words of wisdom is, DO NOT resist it.  These challenges are the entry point to the new energy and the exit to the old. 

Spirit is constantly sending you signals to change your direction, loosen up the grip and move forward but your ego likes to get in the way.  Ego loves control and will create chaos, self doubt and limited belief systems.  These are part of the egos way of helping rear the ugly head of fear.  Transition is important to your souls purpose, so at this time it is very crucial to find the space to honour its growth.  

So, what does resisting transition look like? 

  • Self doubt and second guessing everything 
  • Not being able to make a decision
  • Dwelling and fixating on a topic in a negative manner 
  • Not letting a situation go
  • Feeling uninspired, lethargic and lacking drive 
  • Masking the situation with drugs and alcohol

These are just a few of the things that may trigger you to realize you are in a transitional phase.  Do not resist the change.  Learn to accept it with grace and move with the flow.  Our spiritual evolution is all about the lessons and the growth we experience from them.  It takes strength to take your hands off the wheel and let spirit guide you but trust me, spirit always knows what is best for you.  Get out of your own way and start the transition towards the new.  You will be happy that you did.

Lesson 2 – Intuition is your Imaginary Friend

Your imagination and creativity is located on the right side of your brain and is fuelled by intuition.  The imagination is the creative genius to which the seeds of manifestation reside, nurture and grow.  Intuition (spirit) resides in this beautiful space of unknown possibilities.  When the intuition is accessed, it allows that beautiful inner dialogue to speak from the language of the soul.  It is here that you will be learning to journal with the divine. 

“Spirit Journaling” is about connecting with your inner dialogue and being able to communicate with your intuition through writing.  When it comes to any type of writing you must know how to expand your vision and listen to your intuition.   Allowing the creation of words to express itself by free flowing from the heart, without self-induced interruption.  Better known as interference of ego.  

How does one distinguish between ego and intuition (spirit)?  It will take practice and commitment.  The biggest commitment will be learning to listen and being able to distinguish between your two inner voices.  One voice is being driven purely by spirit and the other voice is by you and your ego.  You will learn that silence will be your new best friend and it is this platform where you can connect with your inner dialogue.   

This is a recap from the last introduction.  For most, spirit speaks from the right side of the brain whereas ego likes to speak from the left. Let’s think of it like duelling pianos.  Spirit will play its music from the right side of your head.  It always creates music you enjoy, love and can understand with passion.  It just flows.  Where as your ego, plays from the left side of your head, it will forcefully play tunes that you may not want to hear, may not like or even know.  All the while, you are the customer sitting in the middle of the pianos trying to decide which one is playing the better song.   The choice will always be yours to make.  Will it be left or the right?  Go with the right.  

You are gifted with intuition and it should be accessible at all times, from the right side.  It is here where things feel “right” and are “right”.  The right side of the brain is based on creation and the left side is logic.  Truthfully, if you are thinking of the answer you are accessing the left side, which is logic.  

That is right, we all have the power to access our intuition.  This is not about being perfect; remember in spirit’s eyes you are already that.  It is about accepting the imperfect you and learning to shine your light on all the stuff that makes up the total sum of ‘YOU’.  There is no judgment here, just have an inner knowing that you do not need to prove yourself, that your gut instinct has a real voice and your inner compass is ready to be guided.   

Do you understand? Good, let us start the first lesson using our imaginations and being introduced to our imaginary friend (or friends).  

Most of us had an imaginary friend (or friends) when we were growing up as children.  This imaginary friend always gave us a sense that they knew everything about us, just like our very best friend.  They would share our space and allow us to be vulnerable.  Allowing us to access our wildest imaginations by creating a safety net with that sense of unconditional love and encouragement.  They helped us grow our 5 senses by expanding our beliefs beyond what we could see and touch in our real physical worlds.  They made us believe that whatever we were willing to imagine was attainable within those limits.  This was the beginning of manifestation in our lives.  This was when we all learned the power too manifest.

Then we grew up and started to adapt to the physical world and no longer wished to access the potential of our imaginations, intuition and creativity.  We decided to leave our pretend imaginary friends back in our childhood, where we thought they belonged.  We adapted our belief systems, goals and values from our tribes.  We became too serious about life and started to lack creativity and passion.  Life became real in the physical world and our days of playing were gone. Why did we do that?  Why did we stop imagining and creating? 

What if these friends were not imaginary at all?  What if these beautiful sensory feelings were your guardian angels or spirit guides?  

Lets begin:

In this lesson you will learn how to access this imaginary friend (friends) and bring them back to life in your journal.   Bring back their characters using all 5 senses, some creativity and a whole lot of imagination.  

  1. Find a quiet space that will be uninterrupted for 20 to 30 minutes.
  2. Create your space for your session – light a candle, burn incense, play music whatever your choice is.  
  3. Burn a small piece of sage (one leaf is all you need), sage essential oil or white sage incense. To clear away the energy of the space and your day.  This is great way to start each session, by cleansing. 
  4. Check in with your mood – do not do any of these exercises if you are in a foul mood.  Always approach these sacred sessions with reverence.
  5. Prep your device (cell phone or laptop) that will play an easy 10-minute guided meditation for you.  Do your best to find a meditation about meeting your spirit guide and opening up your imagination.  Find one that best suits your learning process.
  6. Get yourself grounded before you begin.  You will need to protect your space with the power of white light.  Just close your eyes and imagine a white light circling around and encompassing your writing area.  Breathe it in and out for a few minutes, until you feel safe to start. 
  7. Turn down the lights and relax into your chair.  
  8. Begin your meditation. 
  9. For the next little bit (however long your guided meditation will be) let the meditation guide you.  Your only focus should be being present and listening. DO NOT panic if meditation is not working for you.  It will take practice and lots of it.  Remember this is all about practice and not about being perfect.  We are setting intention here. 
  10. Once you come out of your guided meditation sit still in your silence, long enough to gather any information you may have experienced from the meditation. 
  11. Sit in your silence and focus on your 5 senses.  What are they doing and how are you feeling? Are you cold, tingly, full of emotion?  Note all of your feelings.
  12. When you are ready say “Hello my name is ……….., I would like to invite you to write with me?” Be patient and wait for an answer.  Do your best to hear from the right side of your head.  Sometimes they will say words or just show you signs and symbols.   If they do not answer do not worry.  
  13. Open up your new journal and write the date at the top and an open salutation “Dear…………” You can use Universe, your name, spirit or whatever you like.  
  14. Start to write from the heart.  Let go of control and allow your pen to flow with emotions. Do you remember anything you may have experienced in your guided meditation that might start the writing process? Any words, signs, symbols, colours, feelings, or sensations? 
  15. Do not try to control the process just start writing.   What did you see?  What did you hear?  Let it flow and let us see where it goes.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask:

  • What is your name? Write the first name that you hear.
  • Have you been with me since I have been born? Ask for a memory you will recall.
  • Why did you choose me? How are you feeling when you ask this?
  • Are you from this life or a past life? 
  • What do you look like? They may appear as rays of light and colour.  Have texture and shape.  They may have had a physical body, been an animal or a garden fairy.   The results are really endless.  Use your imagination.  
  • Try drawing what you see – feathers, rainbows, colours, shapes.
  • What is your ethnicity?  Maybe there is a reason you are attracted to Mexican food, the French language, Scottish culture or Japanese plum trees.  Dig deep and see what you find out. 
  • Ask them for a sign or a symbol; showing you that they are truly there in your presence.  Be realistic in this process.  For example do not ask for a pink elephant to jump through your window, cause it would never happen.  Be realistic and ask “show me the number 37 or a white balloon before tomorrow morning.” It will be your job to look for this sign.  Trust me they will show you, I cannot make this stuff up.  

16. When you feel you have written enough information it is time to stop.  End your passage with a “Thank you Spirit (or name if you received one) love……………(your name).  

17. After you have closed up your journal, take a deep breath and close your eyes.  Thank spirit for blessing your space with their presence and bid them farewell until your next session.  

18. Close off your space and honour it until the next time you decide to journal.

The questions and writing out the answers can be endless.  This really is about you and opening up the channel to your spirit through writing.  There is no right or wrong way of doing this.  At the end of the day have fun and know that you just invited your imaginary friend back into your life and now you can call them your spirit guide or angel.

Angel Jury – Sacred Silence

Welcome to “Spirit Journaling” Writing with the Divine

Wouldn’t life be grand if we could just pick up a pen and start a conversation with our spirit guides or angels? What would you say?  Better yet, what do you think their response would be?  I would like to welcome you to “Spirit Journaling” a new way to start the conversation with your divine.  A tangible way of communicating with your spirit guides and angels by the means of putting a pen to paper and allowing their guidance to flow through you like a well written novel that you will take pride in co-writing with them.   

As a modern day Oracle, I have met many people, during my sessions, that have fallen off their soul’s path and have become disconnected from their source of divine. Sometimes the experience of human “being” can literally paralyze our decision making ability and leave us stuck in an abyss of emotions. Not only can we not see the road ahead but we are unable to express and articulate what we are experiencing and feeling.  This can cause us to be trapped in the illusion of our own fears.  Causing us to never take the opportunity to process the information, that leads to the healing.  

Communication, to me, is the biggest gift we are given in our life time but like most things we struggle to use it properly.  The fear that we may say something incorrectly has haunted us all.  Writing is a form of communication and a portal to help you express yourself, in your time and in your way.  Journaling can be that beacon of light that allows you to find your road back to yourself confidence.  It just gets better when you learn to invite spirit in to write with you. This is when the real magic happens. 

So what exactly is spirit?  Spirit, to me, also means intuition, that deep inner knowing that the unseen knowledge, I receive, will be the driving force in my decision making process.  It is my inner compass and gut feeling.  It is the voice that radiates from a space of love and from the heart centre.  It speaks the truth and is kind and encouraging, the language of the soul. We all encompass spirit (intuition) but like anything it too needs to be nurtured and exercised in order to reap the benefits from it.  

We have two internal voices called spirit and ego that we can choose from at any given moment of the day.  Let’s imagine the fictional angel (spirit) and devil (ego) that sit on our shoulders.  We all knew that the angel was the voice of reason and the voice of temptation was the devil.  Spirit spoke softly with encouragement and the ego spoke abrasively with self serving ways. These voices are two totally different animals.  Let’s just say the angel is spirit, driven by love, guidance and what is best for your higher self.  Whereas the devil is your ego, driven by self, greed and worth for gratification in your material world.  

Here is a little secret.  For me, the voice of spirit usually speaks to me on the right side of my head almost directly behind my ear lobe.  This is the location of creativity, imagination and free will of expression.  The place where I am free to be creative about expressing who I am.  It is soft spoken, loving and has an encouraging voice that brings me comfort.  Where as the ego likes to reside mainly on my left side of my head.  A place where logic, scientific and analytical states of mind have got to be proven before they exist.  This voice is very loud, controlling, aggressive and limiting.  A place of worry, self doubt, stress and striving.  A space that is very easy to get lost in if you can not determine the two dialogues.  

I promise to help you learn techniques to tame that roaring lion that we all have living in us so that we allow the voice of the lamb to emerge.  You will learn ways to have both of these beast live in harmony within you.  You will understand the difference between spirit and ego by journaling the two voices on paper.   Then with intention and practice, you will see huge shift and how you choose to listen to your internal dialogue.  This will be life changing and will help you live your life in a healthier state of being with the divine.

We all need someone to talk too and these articles were designed with you in mind.  There are no expectations from you except commitment. Commit to healing, creating, expressing, understanding and spiritually growing through writing because this will allow the energy of the situation to leave your body.  The process honours your vulnerability to not be judged, perfect or even politically correct.  This is your open dialogue with yourself and your spirit guides and angels.  Be as creative and emotional as you want because remember it is just you and spirit that sees it.  

Are your ready to start?  

Here are a few tools (or suggestions) you will need before proceeding to the first lesson. 

1. A new journal, one that speaks to you – choose colour, pictures, words, nice line spaces.  Or your computer write with whatever makes your heart pitter patter.

2. A great writing pen, colour pencils, pencil and eraser 

3. A great deck of oracle, angel or tarot cards.  I have several decks of cards I use to inspire me to write.  You can do your research on a deck that might speak out to you.  It really is all personal preference.  You can shop online or visit your nearest metaphysical store.  The shopping for cards is so much fun, go enjoy the process.  

4. A device (cell phone or laptop) that will play an easy 10 minute guided meditation for you.  I will do my best to share links in these articles.  Most of my meditations are found on YouTube and Spotify.

5.  One of the following – a sage stick, loose sage leaves, sage essential oil or white sage incense.  Most often when I work with Spirit I will burn sage to clear the energies in the air.   Make sure that if you are going to burn sage to have a fireproof dish or shell to burn it in.  

6. Candle – pick your favourite scent or colour and set the mood for your date with spirit.

7.  A quiet space you can claim to yourself for 20 to 30 minutes. 

8.  Your favourite beverage of choice.  Be careful if you choose to drink spirits as it can alter your channel with the true spirits.

9. And last but not least intention, an attitude to learn and make mistakes, positivity and a brilliant attitude.  

When you are ready, proceed to Sacred Silence – Spirit Journaling

Human “Being”

Today I get to write outside with Mother Nature and enjoy the blessed sounds that she provides at any given moment.  As I sit here, I can hear the bustling of the river hitting the riverbed as it flows back to the lake.  The sound of the breeze is hitting the trees, as they all sway like wind chimes to their own vibe, and the crows are communicating off in the distance about the days mischief they might get into.

Mother Nature is all providing, nurturing and the best portal to taming a busy hectic life.  All too often we spend our valuable time with our heads buried in our electronic devices, fulfilling a busy calendar and doing things that bring us more stress than happiness.  We tend to forget that living is suppose to be fulfilling and not stressful.  As a human being, we are more “being” than human.

My husband had his father and younger sister pass away within 6 weeks of one another 4 years ago.  Not only was it devastating to him and his family but it was also a pivotal point for him to assess the things in his life that were important.  The smaller things in life that are free like love, happiness and enjoying the beauty of what his life had to offer.  It took the passing of his loved ones to bring him to his pivotal point of seeing the world through a different lens.  A lens that the world is not only material and physical but also spiritual.  That life is to be enjoyed and not scheduled.

Responsibilities keep us busy and the responsibilities in your own life were chosen by you. Your choices got you the car, the house, the children, the job and those busy schedules.  Life is a constant flux of change and nothing stays the same.  It is always changing, even when something or someone dies.  

The energy you are putting out there will be the energy you will get back. If you keep saying “I have no time because Im so busy” the universal law hears “They are so busy, let me give them more stuff to keep busy”.   The law of the universe will always provide what you’re thinking and in this case just “more stuff”.

Stop! Take a minute to look at what you are chasing after and ask yourself if it is worth your energy of “being” too busy?  Is it worth the loss of a loved one before you realize that all the money in the world will never bring them back.  The chase is making you miss the important things in life, like the chance to exercise, a chance to go out with a friend, snuggle with your best friend or contact a loved one.  Chasing after the illusion of getting things done and fulfilling your daily obligations will have you feeling like there is no purpose to your life.  This can be draining and sometimes make one a bit resentful.  Stop “being” and start living. 

For the past 2 weeks we have been away from our home base.  We visited our loving family, our wonderful friends, enjoyed a new puppy, went to a concert, a few motorbike rides, laughed, ate great food and enjoyed all of the pleasures that this right of passage we call life, could give.   What a great time and experience we are having and we are finally feeling more “human” than  “being”.  We only get this one chance to live the life we have been given and so many chances to explore the beauty that was granted to us by the divine.  

Today, find the beauty in Mother Nature and be grateful knowing that you belong to this amazing web of life that is all life giving.  If a friend ask you to go out for lunch, then go!  If your child wants to play a game, then play.  Today, put the schedule of “being” aside and enjoy the little things in life that make you happy.  Life is in front of you, choose to stop and look at it through a different lens and enjoy the things that make you human.  Choose to find the beauty in the things you love.  Choose to be more human than “being”.