Spirit Journaling

Wouldn’t life be grand if we could just pick up a pen and start a conversation with our spirit guides or angels? What would you say?  Better yet, what do you think their response would be?  I would like to welcome you to “Spirit Journaling” a new way to start the conversation with your divine.  A tangible way of communicating with your spirit guides and angels by the means of putting a pen to paper and allowing their guidance to flow through you like a well written novel that you will take pride in co-writing with them.   

As a modern day Oracle, I have met many people, during my sessions, that have fallen off their soul’s path and have become disconnected from their source of divine. Sometimes the experience of human “being” can literally paralyze our decision making ability and leave us stuck in an abyss of emotions. Not only can we not see the road ahead but we are unable to express and articulate what we are experiencing and feeling.  This can cause us to be trapped in the illusion of our own fears.  Causing us to never take the opportunity to process the information, that leads to the healing.  

Communication, to me, is the biggest gift we are given in our life time but like most things we struggle to use it properly.  The fear that we may say something incorrectly has haunted us all.  Writing is a form of communication and a portal to help you express yourself, in your time and in your way.  Journaling can be that beacon of light that allows you to find your road back to yourself confidence.  It just gets better when you learn to invite spirit in to write with you because this is when the magic happens. 

Through journaling you allow the energy of the situation to leave your body.  The process honours your vulnerability to not be judged, perfect or even politically correct because these are your feelings.  You can be creative and emotional as you want because remember it is just you and spirit that sees it.   How beautiful, that spirit only wants to encourage what is best for your “higher self”.

Are you ready to take this journey?  

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Here’s whats being said……

“Angel your class is helping me open my mind and heart to new possibilities and helping me reduce my fears about the future and changing them to hopes.” Brenda

“Having Angel as a facilitator for teaching spiritual journaling (which is such an intimate part of our lives), was life changing. She holds a space for curiosity, revelations, and connection in a way that allows for the vulnerability to unfold. Having her show ways that we can connect with ourselves, our guides, and our own intuition without any doubts has been ground-breaking for me. This woman is a beautiful soul – I am humbled that she is able to provide us the opportunity to work with her.” Breanne

“I would like to thank Angel for her honest reading. She is very intuitive and caring person her space is always clean and welcoming to all, her manner is calm personable and caring. She is a truth seeker for all your question and answers. You will not be disappointed.” Cathay

“Last night was my fourth session into the six-week Spiritual Journaling. I am sharing the space with other authentic strong women who have great heart and spirit. I feel blessed to be guided in this incredible journey by Angel. Angel is a wonderful unique woman and I am inspired by her creativeness love and light. I would recommend this journey to everyone.” Bonnie

“I feel like your classes are helping me to see how accurate life really is. Trust and believe.” Heather

“Angel is a fantastic teacher and mentor! You can see how passionate she is with her work, and how she truly cares about her students and those who share the room with her. I would highly recommend. She’s also super funny, so be prepared for a laugh or two.” Nicole

“Spirit journaling opened my mind to more meaningful writing and gave me more direction. I loved the Oracle cards week. I bought my first set of Oracle cards on the Chakras. I Use it faithfully every week as part of my spiritual practice and it helps me to keep in tune with my mind and body. Thank you Angel for all you are and opening up my horizons. I highly recommend taking this course you will be grateful.” Pauline


IN PERSON – Spirit Journaling LEVEL I – TBA

Spirit Journaling LEVEL I - This intensive 6 week course involves writing and communicating with spirit. Come learn new techniques to open up the lines of communication with your guides. **Cost: $175 for all 6 sessions - $35 non refundable deposit due upon registration**


IN PERSON – Spirit Journaling LEVEL II – TBA

FULL - Spirit Journaling "LEVEL II" is the next step in writing with spirit. This intensive 6 week course involves writing and communicating with spirit at the next level. You must have completed LEVEL I to enroll. **Cost: $175 for all 6 sessions - $35 non refundable deposit due upon registration**


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