Prayer Page

This page is for those who want and need support, hope and a kind gesture in their day to day lives. Prayers are exactly that, a shout out to humanity. It does not matter who you believe in, this page is about love and compassion and has no boundaries or judgement. If you feel compelled to write a prayer, please keep reading.

  1. Please leave a comment and any details (example: name of person, the current situation, relation or geographic area) that might support the healing vibration that will be created.
  2. Meditation takes place everyday and this is when we will set our intention on your prayer.
  3. There will be no shout out afterwards, please just trust that your thoughts were set with the highest intentions of love and healing.
  4. Please keep your request short and sweet. A couple of sentences, five maximum.
  5. All prayers will be meditated upon and will be sent to the recipient on your behalf via prayer.
  6. Know that the main purpose for this page is to allow you a space of healing and hope.
  7. This page is also meant to form a collective group of healers who wish to practice long distant healing, love, support and faith in their fellow mankind.

If you feel compelled to pray for another person in this group, please do. The more doing this the better and stronger the healing will be.

Love and Light!


“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope”

Bernard Williams