“I had a wonderful morning with Angel….she was zeroed right in on what I was feeling and dealing with in my life. She confirmed many things I had been wondering about and gave me a list of items ; messages and symbols …so I could refer back to It later. It was very healing and releasing. We finished with balancing and activating of chakras.
Highly recommend Angel…she is very gifted and very, very lovely” Tracy Barnsdale

“Had an amazing healing session and tarot card reading with my friend Angel. This lady has a true gift I felt so much better after it. she shared messages with me that she couldn’t have known and has a talent for giving you ways to change your life. Love you Angel and thank you” Julie McNally

“I met with Angel this morning, she was so accurate with her reading it was an awesome experience for me! I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for peace of mind and clarification on their loved ones that have passed. I Will definitely be back! Thanks Angel! ❤️❤️” – Judy Johnstone

“Ahh, So much to say about this woman, angel, truly is one of the most caring, kind hearted, spirited and loveliest of people I know. I’m grateful to have had the pleasure to have met and gotten to know her. She has truly opened up my eyes and my heart at a time where I felt I was at my lowest , with her readings. My reading was very clear and accurate and has helped me so much since and it has given me the motivation and the mindset I needed to understand how to better myself and lifestyle. I must express the experience Because it was honestly touching and incredible. For me, I had my nana pass a while back and she came up in my reading and I can honestly say I felt her presence and it was one of the best feelings along with angels gentle guidance in her readings. She expressed and explained a wind chime connection to her. I recently house sat at a home that had a wind chime and it wasn’t windy out at the time, at this time I had thought about my nana and the chimes connected and chimed a tune and all I could feel is the presence, comfort and safeness that I had felt in angels studio. Along with various other connections that became true. Such as safety issues with my vehicle and my own personal health connection that has opened my eyes and expanded my heart immensely . She truly has a touching gift And I say this with pure love and confidence that I would more than willing to recommend angel from sacred silence for a reading to anyone! Without a doubt. I must thank you so incredibly much you beautiful soul and I will definitely be in to visit you soon again , much love xoxo” – Aleah Grier

“I’m so grateful to have met Angel. I immediately felt at ease and safe when I walked into her studio. I’ve been struggling with feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. With her gentle, insightful validations, I left our session feeling refreshed, happy, free .. the soul crushing weight from my shoulders .. gone. I feel alive again .. like I can breathe again . I also brought my slightly skeptical husband with me for his own session. With zero expectations, he simply went along with me because he loves me and wanted to humour me. I am so utterly grateful to be a part of that ‘aha’ moment. To watch my tough, strong rock of a husband tear up as Angel told him things about his Mom. Her validation of our path in life.. of the good things that are ahead of us. So excited for the future now!” – Candy Wilder

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